Sunday, September 4, 2011

Update: Fall season...a major change in direction.

new team issue kit

There a major change in direction coming my way in about 48hrs as I start the first week of a 2yr Paramedic Diploma. So I guess my cycle training is going to take somewhat of a back seat as i throw my self head first into the world or Para-medicine.

I have to say I'm pretty excited about it, yet somewhat nervous at the same time.

I've moved North of the Metropolis Of Toronto Into the cottage country gateway that is Barrie, Ontario.

its got my name on it so its gotta be true right?

Funny enough though the riding round here is considerably better, with rolling open "Flanders" style agricultural land within easy spitting distance of my new condo Apartment and a decent sized park just a hop skip and a jump way where I can hit some technical single track and get more than enough CX training in so we'll see what happens when it comes to racing...thoughI know for sure that its going to be a lot less than last season.

Powder days !?!

Its also just short drive to Ontario's biggest ski resorts so I also went and volunteered for the Canadian Ski Patrol so if all goes to plan I'll be trawling the mountains and parks for broken and concussed shredders, so I can practice my new skills and pad out my Resume.

watch this all starts Tuesday.