Friday, July 30, 2010

YeAy Its MOnkiEs oN bikES WeeK!!!! (again)

Well its not easy writing a blog, people are often offended, feelings hurt, illusions shattered blah blah blah.

So in an effort to dumb things down to an acceptable level of banality, so as not to hinder corporate interests. And to conform to the pre determined diagnosis of non denominational bland porridge for breakfast that is main stream media, entertainment and political commentary.

I shall be instigating by popular demand, the much hyped and dearly loved:

Monkies On bicycles week!!!!!
yeah you heard it right! a big F$%K you to the establishment and animal lovers every where.

Now i Know the two or three people that regularly follow my ill formed and unstructured rants, along with the five or Six of you that might have been fooled over the last year into coming here with devious sound byte titles such as "hot Lycra butts" and "sex for chocolate" might not approve.

So i humbly apologise in advance for the grievous and frivolous abuse of primates ... i know some of you are political candidates (its true! go figure) and as such i might be having a devastating effects on your public standings.

But Shit you a signed up for this crap!

Besides they are more calming than a handle full oxicodine and a bottle of Jagermeister and more fun than injecting silicone into your testicles until they're 24" wide (google it) IMO at least.

I mean what's not to like? Fun for all the family right.

Harking back to a time of innocence before we had to worry about upsetting the crazy leftist bloc and libertarians everywhere.
A time when one could find satisfaction and contentment from watching our nearest genetic cousins dressed in a bespoke suit and touting a custom steel frame (you know before all the feckin hipsters jumped on the band wagon),

As we enjoyed the wonders of polyester and such spectacles as the Tour De France, over a nice cuppa rosie on half day closing. Before we had to consider capital gains, free market economies and global Dimming (google that as well)

ah the good ol`days!!!!

monkies on a bike week!!!! tell your friends.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Its peanut butter jelly time!!!!!

Its hot...feckin hot!!!! 45c with the humidex.

I spend my time hiding in the comfort of the A/C watching the TDF and riding far too much in the middle of the day. Like nearly 15hrs in the past 4 days....

Hit the bluffs today for some much needed VO2 max work.

usual 6 reps at 118% ftp.

first rep though i set a personal best time for the hill.

3minutes 37seconds with an avg of 502w, and a shit load of water bottles on my bike and in jersey pockets.

not bad on a 1.4km climb with grades of 16% in places. especially when it used to take me 5minutes 30seconds last year.....

then it was off for an excursion out east into my new stomping grounds. Through Rouge park and past the Zoo.

pouring as much water on my head as i could spare.....

i like my new area, its close to the bluffs and the spit. and when its sweltering hot in the city i can stroll down to little india at 11pm and grab an authentic Dosa.....

then come back to the A/c .....