Saturday, November 21, 2009

team 67(?)

OK so finally after some long negotiations and a bit of sitting in the corner with naughty boys cap on it looks like I'm going to be racing with my old team again next season.

However this time round we are hoping to ramp things up somewhat, expand the team roster and acquire some financial backing, to off set the cost of drinking beer after Thursday night club rides, and lesser things like entry fee's and the like.

And although nothing has been signed as of yet at the moment its looking hopeful that a major Canadian beer company might be coming on board to offer a helping hand. And if that manifests we are looking at a new team kit, sponsored bikes for the riders and who knows what else.

Of course personally more than free stuff, what I'm most excited about is the opportunity to develop and race as a team with my friends next spring and summer.

Now its up to the rest of us to drum up support, and a few extra "roulers" and set our sites on the upcoming season.

watch this space......

Does my bum look big in this?

Being a cyclist we are often forced to face our limitations in the public arena.

All that tight lycra doesn't leave a whole lot to the imagination. So some of us over compensate by riding $10,000 bikes or by wearing $500 carbon soled Italian machine crafted plastic shoes.

I mean its amazing if you managed to take an objective step back from time to time and take a reality check. I mean carbon is the 6th most abundant element in the galaxy (see table below) coming in just after oxygen and general stupidity so how come it costs so much? (hmm maybe the answer is in the question)
carbon is the 6th most abundant element in the galaxy
So ask your self in normal life would you pay $500 for a pair of "crocs" just cause they glued some old vinyl 45's to the bottom so you can't walk properly in them? So why is it we can't wait to do it when they print DMT on the side (I have to admit to having a pair of these BTW)

Anyway the over abundance of stupidity in our galaxy might explain it, along with how companies have now managed to find away to sell carbon wheels to us for $4000, that'll disintegrate shortly after they roll over the slightest pothole or stone, and are only covered under warranty if you weigh less than 101lbs, don't race on them and have never removed them from their original packaging.
Ten most common elements in our galaxy by mass, estimated spectroscopically[5]
Z Element Parts per million
1 Hydrogen
2 Oxygen
8 Stupidity 10,400
6 Carbon 4,600
10 Neon 1,340
26 Iron 1,090
7 Nitrogen 960
14 Silicon 650
12 Magnesium 580
16 Sulfur 440

Its a Topsy turvy world in cycling. Where lighter and more fragile is the coolest, but its generally only affordable by ageing, over weight, middle aged business men (of European descent) with erectile dysfunction issues from riding on carbon Fiz'ik saddles for hours

No wonder we are all suffering from feelings of inadequacy.

Monday, November 16, 2009

things i hate about cyclists!!!

hmm there are so many things I could write about....

but I guess I can group them broadly between "roadies" and "fixies" and couriers.

Although I could probably find a whole bunch of shit to complain about MTBikers as well but lets face it I never see them so what do I care? So long as they continue to keep them selves to them selves, out in the back woods rolling in poison Ivy....

Here though I think I'll be focusing mostly on the fixed gear fad..
I understand and support their freedom to do as they wish, but I'll maintain the right to think they're twats at the same time.

Anyway the current "me too!" trend of rockin a "fixie" in the down town core is fine i guess. Although I personally don't get it! When you crash as much as I do you want all the safety features you can muster.

You know like brakes and the ability to coast when doing 40+mph down a hill! I realise I'm not the best cyclist, but I just don't think I could easily sustain a cadence of 300rpm for long periods of time and still retain that obligatory aura of aloofness.

But I guess if I want everyone to take in my Italian hand tensioned, custom, deep section magenta wheel set and matching hand sewn leather bar tape I'd be cruising around at 10mph as well.

I lost interest in pursuing that particular folly shortly after the advent of the drive train.

As it is I appreciate the ability to slam on the brakes when being cut off by a blind Nigerian cab driver, or side swiped by a multi-functioning soccer Mum, texting her estranged 1st husband, whilst snorting coke off her daughters lunch box in her SUV, but hey that's just me.

However I understand and support their freedom to do as they wish, but I'll maintain the right to think they're twats at the same time.

Gee democracy is great!

I know there are those that think they are upholding the purity of cycling by keeping it real on the 42x16, but me, I lost interest in pursuing that particular folly shortly after the advent of the drive train. Either as purists we go direct drive or accept the inevitability of progress and embrace gears, chains and all the other crap that comes along with it like brakes.

Anyway I suspect its just another in the long line of indicators (such as my new found appreciation of sleep, over class "A" drug abuse) that in fact... I'm just getting old!

The choice of function over fashion.

That and becoming yet another grumpy opinionated bastard on a bicycle....hmm maybe I should be riding a fixed gear after all.....or grow a beard and get a recumbent!

ah bUt tHen tHAts aNOther stORy....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A good day at the office!!!

So after more than a few weeks lolling around on the weekends with out the motivation to get out and train that much I finally dragged my sorry ass out to do the donut ride this morning.

I always resist doing that ride but today i gave way and for a change even started from the beginning instead of half way into it.

And actually I kind of preferred it that way.

I hooked up with Rob, my boss and fellow racer and he led me through the rabbit warren of houses to the start location. Grabbed a muffin from the bakery for breakfast and some cookies for later on and with about 100 or so riders out on a damp, misty but unseasonably warm morning we set off.

The donut is a local ride populated by Toronto's riders and racers. It can be pretty unforgiving at times and the timid need not apply. You got to be prepared to bump a few shoulders at times to keep your position so as not to get boxed in or spat out the back of the group.

With the help of some natty team tactics I won all three!!!!

The ride is punctuated by several sprints at predetermined road side road signs and competition for the win can be pretty fierce. So the fact that, with the help of some natty team tactics, I won all three of them today makes me pretty chuffed with myself.

All the more so as the first of the three was completely unplanned! I saw Rob go off the front a long way out, so when no one followed him I jumped the gap myself. Now with a good 20 bike lengths advantage, Rob provided me with a great launch pad to kick for the line! By the time anyone realised what was up it was too late and I took it by about 2-3 bike lengths.

The next was somewhat easier, once Rob enlightened me to the actual marker for the finish I hopped onto a passing well and came out from behind to grab number two.

The final one was the most satisfactory though. As the pack started to wind up Rob pointed out the competition, saying in whispered tones "that guys a wheel suck he'll sit on your wheel all the way and come out strong for the last 100m, if you go long he'll be fucked!" (or words to that effect)

So what do I find about 400m out? that very guy sat on my ass waiting for me to kick. I wanted to go but knew that if I went I'd just pull him to the line so I eased up slightly, still maintaining a good position in the pack.

As soon as I saw from the corner of my eye him drift out from behind me to the right looking for another wheel to follow, I kicked out hard to the left of the pack, from about 8-9 back and put the hammer down all the way to the finish, winning the last sprint. Topping out at about 47mph.

Three for three, with more than just a little assistance from Rob on each and every one,

Some things just feel good.

OK I also have my powertap fitted now as well so the link below provides the some what more detailed info on my ride.

Today was 75 miles, about 2700cal burned and a whole lot of fun....

heres my ride.

Happy Sabbath campers!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

a chance to sleep, per chance to dream...

There is something about getting older that I'm learning to appreciate as well as become slightly disconcerted by....
Oh! joy upon joy, the chance to steal a afternoon siesta!

The fact that the more I train and struggle to live my life at Mach 5, the more I appreciate the feeling I get from a good nights sleep, or Oh joy upon joy the chance to steal a afternoon siesta!

No longer do I want to head out clubbing all night, chasing young women and generally getting all Tom Boonen on your arse! If I manage to get to bed by 10.30 on a week night I spend the next day floating around on a natural high, that would probably be prohibited by the UCI if they realised what an advantage it afforded me.

This is a hard concept for me to grasp, having been somewhat of a party animal for most of my youth and a definite night owl. Part of me feels like I'm losing out on something.

But i guess that just the reluctance to accept the inevitability of gradual cellular disintegration.

lIfE iS Just ToO cONfuSIng sOMetimEs......

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cold winds, warm sun, sore legs and a happy heart

So after my hospital appointment i bunked off work and headed up north, for the first time in ages.

it was a chilly 1c when i got up but by the time i headed out it was closer to 5c.

As usual the wind always seemed to be coming straight towards you, but that's Ontario for you.

Still the crisp clean air and blue skies punctuated by the odd cloud and the fall sun made up for it.

I planned on doing a couple of E2 intervals but my legs had other ideas, I had a couple of hard days in the gym in the days before the ride, so when I awoke I could barely walk properly, I think the 5 sets of 20 reps on the leg press @ 400lb are getting the better of me.

anyway it felt good to go on a longer ride than the usual jaunt to work and back or down to the spit, hopefully i'll get a longer ride in on Saturday or Sunday weather permitting!

winter is , after all, just around the corner!

heres my ride details.

Mas tarde


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Is Pain the new Black?

Well i know the old black was brown, before brown became white, which used to be like the old Pink but is now most certainly darker than pitch,

But one might have heard rumours that black briefly surfaced again as an off white for a short period during the spring classics until the boys from Cervelo Test team complained about it being to hot ( but unfortunatly not in the" damn boyz dat Hott!!! sense of the word) which seemed to relegate it swiftly back to the ranks of prime-colours such as red or perhaps a nice pastel your aunt might have in her living room.

Unless of course the black you're wearing is from Rapha, then lets face it your too rich to really give a shit what anyone else thinks about you, in fact you might even put a pink strip on it and still get away with claiming its a subtle shade of matt noir!

Anyway its all so confusing that I've taken to riding naked wearing only the grimace of pain across my corps! Which means today I must be looking particularly chic as I'm in considerable muscular pain after another hard day at work and down the gym.
Black briefly surfaced again as an off white for a short period during the spring classics

I hope to spin some of it out later on toady after what will hopefully be the last appointment i have at my physio (for my broken finger).

convention unfortunately dictates that i wear at least a semblance of clothing whilst appearing at the hospital so they may not realise just how cool I really am.....

DAMN shaMe ReaLLy...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Heres my main bike getting esembled by my friend Lee in Atlanta Georgia:

i bought the parts online via ebay, craigslist and various online stores.

Its a LITESPEED titanium frame with carbon forks and Campagnolo Chorus components.

She's a great ride and super tough and durable (good seeing as how i crashed 5 times during last season.)

She great and responsive on the tarmac, and just as happy on dirt tracks north of the city. I even took It (inadvertently all be it) on a 30 miles back country fire break adventure as part of a 90 mile loop 4hrs north of Toronto and ended up fording rivers and getting eaten alive by bugs).

i learnt that day not to always trust my garmin GPS, the old basic base maps showed a road heading north between two larger roads so i took it only to end up quite literally in the middle of no where! thinking well i had better just keep going as after 15 miles of it getting progressively worse and worse, i figured it was going to be just as bad to keep going as to have to turn around and ride the same tortuous 15miles back to the main road again.

oh happy days.... anyway i guess I'm trying to say it can stand some abuse and come up smiling!

Monday, November 9, 2009

today in brief.

OK just a short ride in and out to work, enjoying the warm weather,

Then as its dark about 30mins after I get home I headed straight out again on my single speed for a blat to the beaches and back.

didn't even bother to get changed out my work gear (I ride home in shorts, knee warmers and cycling shoes anyway).

My legs ache from yesterdays gym work but it was good to get an hour or so in despite the restrictions nature is throwing up against me, and the single speed has fenders (mudguards) fitted and pretty much stops you going too hard as well.

Still i like flying past the lycra clad roadies looking like a cycling vagrant, even better if i have my work bag on my confuses them.

Ok early night. rest is training too! I'm going to watch hard ride!

life at the bottom of the road safety food chain.

I find the irony amusing...... who ever did this picture has obviously never ridden or raced in Toronto or with my club.

Aleksandar "Kazakh Thunder" Simonovic.

being the latest victim to pay the pavement piper.

I think our new team should be called "team bounce"
sometimes, it seems to be a speciality sometimes.

anyway barring a little road rash and minor bruising Alex is expected to make a speedy recovery just in time to go off the front before Christmas gets here.


and pray that evolution speeds up the process of moving cyclists eyes to the sides of their heads as speedily as quickly!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

its my blog and i'll write what i want to!!!

Been an interesting week, got ill again (FUCK!) luckily it only lasted 3 days, beginning to end still a bit to close to the last one to be taken lightly (still god bless cold FX)

The weekend has had some great weather, so I spent my training time indoors running on a treadmill (of course!) and pumping iron.......BEEFCAKE!!!!

Squatting 20 reps of 400lbs in the AA phase so far with a goal of 600lbs by the MS stage....BEEEEFCAAAKE!!!

Been keeping up the diet and protein shakes!
Down another notch on the belt though the weight is teetering around the same mark. But so far its an improvement on last year so if I can keep it up I'll be on target for next year...... BEEFCAKE!!!!!!

Also things are definitely looking up on the team front, but its still to early to lay all my cards on the table right now, but in general despite the short illness life is looking pretty good at the moment!!!! Combine that with a 93% average grade on my night school class and things are certainly going well.

Must be about time to get run over by a truck or something... you know coronation street stylee!!!

"Oh I've never been happier!!!...splat!"

And to top it off my team captains wife had her new cyclo-cross bike stolen Friday morning from their garage, and then 24hrs later I stumbled upon it in down-town Toronto. Some frantic phone calls and a short confrontation later I had it in my possession.

An hour later my other mate calls me to let me know my favourite bike has finally been liberated from its American capturers and is safely back on Canadian soil!!!

We were reunited earlier today...props to all those involved in its rescue (Jamie and Lee from Atlanta, and Yonton from my home town Toronto, I throw scented flowers in your general direction!!) .

A plague on those behind the torment of bikes and their owners everywhere else in the know who you are!

Oh and i got my powertap back at last!!!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

gym rat

So with my new Gym membership I'm starting to get my strength training ramped up again..

I kind of hate those places all pert asses and testosterone fuelled Bone heads, well I guess the pert butts aren't too bad at least about half of them.

But overall I enjoy getting back into the swing of things and it helps to keep me focused as the night draw in (its pitch black by 6pm now the clocks have gone back).

Anyway with my 40th B-day only a few months away I decided that I would probably benefit from maintaining my strength program through out the season not just through the winter base period so i took the plunge and got a 12 month membership!!! OMG.

for now I'm working on my X-training starting at 20mins of running at around 155bpm about 10bpm above my LTT.

and working on the AA (anatomical adaptation) phase of weights mostly focusing on my core and legs as I'm spending so much time working my upper body at work.

I ordered a few books from

Bicycling Medicine: Cycling Nutrition, Physiology, Injury Prevention and Treatment For Riders of All Levels

The Cyclist's Training Bible new edition

Weight Training for Cyclists: A Total Body Program for Power & Endurance

So I'm looking forward to their arrival to gain some new tips and tricks on training and nutrition.

Its crappy night out there, but i have some new fenders fitted to my single speed so my ride home was decidedly more pleasant tonight, off to the gym again in a bit for a late night blatt.

And god damn if my power tap hasn't finally been fixed at the shop its only been two month I've felt naked without it!

look for lots more numbers coming this way very shortly!