Saturday, December 25, 2010

a very merry happy

Merry happy folks!!!...if i can avoid this swine flu going round half my family i'll head out for a ride Monday with my nephew to help work off all this turkey and chocolate....

time will tell. The diet of beer and sleep deprivation isn't helping my immune system much though.

happy jolly!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

through freckled fields this solstice Moon.

I came home to see my folks and get some winter miles in my legs... but the weather seems to have other ideas.

I tried to ride the roads this morning but just ended up sprawled on the ground less than 100m from my front gate before I even made it to the main road. Seems snowfall, then thaw, then freeze, then rain and then another freeze equates to some great sheet ice on the dirt track leading to my parents place.... the back roads weren't a lot better.

I realised some time ago that wisdom is simply listening to that little voice in your head that is telling you "this is not a good idea". We've always had that little voice just when we were younger we choose to ignore it. Middle age and a few broken bones convinced my to listen to it today though.

I did however take my trusty and some what aged mtn bike out over the rapidly thawing forest. At least the ground is a little softer than tarmac when traction gives way to gravity.

anyway thank heavens for gore-tex socks and winter shoes.

Friday, December 10, 2010

trainer speed drills by kieranza at Garmin Connect - Details

An unrelated image...

trainer speed drills by kieranza at Garmin Connect - Details

trying to stay off the bike but its hard, so a light 40min workout low intensity high cadence.

warm up at increasing cadences.

2 sets one leg drills (80 reps each leg x 2)

3x3mins increasing cadence till 115rpm.

the history of the great flood and the black sea????

keeps you interested!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

trainer (1st session of winter) pyramid intervals by kieranza at Garmin Connect - Details

I hate training indoors, its hard and its hot and its kind of pointless in many respects (you don't go anywhere.....)

so with great reluctance i finally excepted its winter and set up my new training spot in a little sun room on the side of my apartment.

actually its great! i can open all the windows and get the fan going and its nowhere near as hot as my old place used to be....i even got to learn about cold fusion as i watched a documentary whilst training...nice

anyway just a short spin to try it out.....i'm meant to be resting, i mean it is the OFF season...

trainer (1st session of winter) pyramid intervals by kieranza at Garmin Connect - Details

My goals are to relax, get used to riding in a TT position and raise my cadence....

I'll be hitting this place hard come the end of January as i'vea feeling this winter is going to be a tough one.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winters here!!!!

So like all cycles thing come round to where they once started.

Winter landed the other day, the first snowfall in town and sub-zero temperatures. So wrapped up i headed to the Don Valley to hit the river trail.

heading back to the UK soon for Christmas and some easy riding over the forest. Maybe a loop round the Isle of Wight weather permitting.

Mostly i'll be unwinding and enjoying the off season...

Have a Merry Very Happy, and thanks for checking in over the last 12mths...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

And it keeps on getting better!!!!

The season is over and the points tallied and announced this evening.

Team Chain Reaction/Molson Canadian 67 take the overall in the CX - Ontario Club Challenge Standings

Not surprising given we had amongst us:

4 individual category overall victories
1 Provincial Champion
1 National Champion

We've gone from humble beginnings to grow from strength to strength, and with the new and on going development of our Road team for next year I've high hopes 2011 will be even better!

Big thanks to the guys at Chain Reaction bikes, Molson Canadian, and all the other supporters, club members, cycling widows and sponsors that made this year a success!!!!

happy holidays..don't get too fat training starts again in 4 weeks... ;0).

Monday, November 29, 2010

I am #1 all others are #2 or lower!!!!!

Firstly to do things right, one should recognise one's teams achievements for the CX season.

Team Chain reaction/Molson 67 has had a stellar CX season in 2010/2011. Clearing up with 4 titles in various divisions, on top of a Provincial and National title. We may even have snatched the overall series in club points though being heavily out numbered by our closest rivals for the title, Esteem training.

the Southern Ontario cup overall titles taken for Us are:

Paul Greene (Master 1)
Stefan Milosovic (U17)
Kelly Greene (Master female)
Kieran Maxwell (Master 2)

with Rob Sule taking the provincial and national titles for Master C....great effort all around and an awesome way to round up the season.

Master 2 Male

PlaceNameBest 7/71234567License
1Maxwell, Kieran1017132025
2Jones, Graham85
3Abbey, Garnett8595131613131670731
4Tripp, Michael46

5Ker, Jeff3152

6Rucklidge, Andrew29

7Chambers, Chris29109

8Cranwell, Michael26

9Laroche, Remi22.856.6
10Schuman, Jamie21138

overall standings after All 7 rounds.

So the season is over, the weekend saw the final round of the S.O. Cup at Riverdale. It was a hard fought last round, and Graham Jones laid down some serious riding to clinch his first win of the season as well as nipping 2nd in the overall from Garnett Abbey and show us all how it should be done!

Personally i spent the time leading up to the event and fair section of the race itself thinking about wrapping up the season and getting to grips with a flask of Gluhwein i had prep'ed the night before!
as such the hills and mud seemed to hurt me all the more this time out and it was a struggle to claim 2nd on the day.

so now its Rest and Recuperation until its time to gear up for next season.

all of which starts......... now! diet is back on already, been doing some steady easy rides to keep me moving and the weight from creeping back over Christmas, and come the 15th Dec. i'll be heading to the UK for a short training camp and family Christmas. Combined with some much revision for my upcoming Chemistry finals (currently getting 93%).

oh its never ending at the bottom of the food chain!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Post race update: Barrie CX S.O.Cup #6

hard to see here but now i come with improved virtual pace settings!!!

Took 3rd today. It was cold and blustery, but a great little course that suited my strengths.

short clip of me hitting the small rise.

getting closer to that prize all the time...

and with only one race left in the series...baring disaster i look set to take the title. A great way to end the season.

Master 2 Male

PlaceNameBest 7/7123456License
1Maxwell, Kieran817132025
2Abbey, Garnett69951316131370731
3Jones, Graham60
4Hasyj, Shaw538

5Tripp, Michael46

6Chambers, Chris29109
7Ker, Jeff2552

8MacKay, Tom21

8Schuman, Jamie21138

10Rucklidge, Andrew20


looking forward to Moving up to M1 next year and getting pushed by those guys, they are going to have me on my back foot for sure but I like a challenge.

so one more week of ripping it up and then its all over till next year....been a long season so far.

February was a long time ago now, looking forward to relaxing a bit and doing some long rides back home in the UK for Xmas.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pre race: S.O.cup #6 Barrie

Well I'm back from my illness and looking forward to the last two rounds...

With two to go I'm 9 points clear, but a last minute change by the OCA means that now instead of it being the best 5 results from the series of 7 its now 7 of 7.

All of which means I really should have bit the bullet and raced last weekend so as to pick up a few extra points.

Master 2 Male

PlaceNameBest 7/712345License
1Maxwell, Kieran657132025
2Abbey, Garnett569513161370731
3Jones, Graham40
4Tripp, Michael35

5Chambers, Chris29109
6Hasyj, Shaw288

7MacKay, Tom21
7Schuman, Jamie21138

9Rucklidge, Andrew20

10Laroche, Remi19.856.6

Never mind though, I have my game plan figured out so providing i don't have any major technical issues things are still manageable. Of course Being CX there are no certainties a quick look at my future team mates, Peter Kofmans early season luck is a testament to that!

He had 4 mechanical stoppages in the first 5 races I think. I guess we'll have to see what the Cx gods have in store for me!

watch this space......

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nationals update.

The nationals came to town this weekend and it was a great weekend for Team Chain Reaction.

Rob Sule is the new
Master C Canadian champion.

Paul Greene Missed his call up and then the podium to tak
e 4th place in Master B.

Kelly Greene took 9th in Master women

As for myself bought up the rear with a respectable 19th place. (any where in the top 50% was going to be good for me so to be in the top 30% was great).

Big thanks to everyone that turned up to shout and cheer for us it certainly helped!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Southern Ontario Cup standings after 4 rounds.

not bad for my first season...

Master 2 Male

PlaceNameBest 5/71234License
1Maxwell, Kieran65713202565385
2Sule, Robert452520

3Abbey, Garnett4395131670731
4Jones, Graham31
5Chambers, Chris23109
6MacKay, Tom21
6Schuman, Jamie21138

8Cranwell, Michael19
9Cooney, Paul16

9Hendriks, Aaron1616

11Rose, Joel12

12Enns, Scott11

13Tripp, Michael10

13Westwood, Kris10

13Fournier, Adam103

13Rucklidge, Andrew10

17Ross, Brien9

18Hasyj, Shaw88


Sunday, October 31, 2010

I`s is #1 : y'all be # 2 or less....

Well i always wanted to ride a wet and muddy CX race .. today i got my chance.

round 4 of the Southern Ontario Cup series kicked off after a hard night of rain, sub zero temps and a couple of inches of snow to top it all off!

Hillbillie Hustle 2010

All of which made for a particularly interesting race. I wiped out on the first technical section sliding a couple of meters down the slope away from my bike. And then after picking myself back up i swiftly fell back on my arse again. Not the most auspicious start to the race.

The mud and snow played havoc with my pedals making it nearly impossible to clip back in through out the course all of which was compounded by the fact that i could change out of my top 2 gears (luckily not too much of a problem on such a slow and slippery course). However i still managed to slip off the front of the group and stay upright for the remainder of the race to snatch my first victory! woohoo!

which one of us won? (Chris and his magic winning team car)

Which leaves me placed nicely at the top of the table in the current standings, with three races left in the series, pretty much the only obstacle to me wining overall is the threat of being upgraded before the end of the season....(not a real hardship i guess)

Victory at last!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the story so far!!!

Well the weekend saw the UCI come to town
with 2 CX events being held in toronto.

I raced both with various levels of commitment and success.

Saturday was a hard fought race, I was caught out of a possible podium place when i had a bizarre mechanical whilst attacking hard on a hill for 2nd place and the wheel of my team mate Rob Sule.

by the time i had figured it out 32 seconds had passed, and i had all but given hope of staying anywhere in the race. But when i saw no one was coming past me i thought i might as well stick it out till the end.

SO i dragged my self back up to catch 2 of the 7 guys ahead of me and came in 5th. Not bad considering. Anyway my confidence and my technical skills are improving each event, so its all good.

Sunday was a done for experience and training and i soon dropped away from the front runners to come in 14th.

this coming weekend see's another double feature with the prov's and kelso CX coming up. both again are low priority races.

mostly cause I'm going to get my ass kicked at the provincial champs and the next southern Ontario cup isn't for another 2weeks.

let hope its a muddy one!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010


had a great race last weekend.

came very close to getting 1st, a lost a 2nd place when i stacked it on the on an off camber section. but hung in for 3rd and my first podium place....

woo hoo! Which leaves me ranking third overall now in the southern ontario cup standings. The next S.O.cup race is not for a while but we have a busy couple of weekends coming up.

the toronto UCI CX weekend is here, two races at centennial park starting tomorrow, and then the following weekend its the provincial championships and a sunday race afterwards.

I'm going to do all of them (if i can) and use it as training for the final rounds of the Cup.

on top of that i've stepped up my training. including 30min runs 2x a week and some reps on the stairs over the park! they hurt but not quite as much as my ribs do after going ass over tit last night following El Capitian, Paul Greene fro a night ride through hyde park.

good times, good times...

Now we'vew got

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The CX season so far...

fame at last

So having been reliably informed today that at least one person reads my blog, even if they can't understand half of what i babble on about, i thought it were high time i updated it.

Well last week saw the 2nd round of the S.O. CX cup and I managed to grab forth despite dropping my chain twice....(amateur). But with my fitness and technique slowly improving each week there is a slim chance i might be able to get a podium tomorrow at round three....(unless in the spirit of coronation street something terrible happens in the mean time).

So i'll roll out tomorrow and see what happens. i'll keep you (and by that i mean you Broady!!!) posted.

here's the current standings at the top of the table in my division after the first two CX races.

PlaceNameBest 6/612License
1Sule, Robert45252065405
1Buschlen, Scott45202570676
3Schuman, Jamie2113870726
4Maxwell, Kieran2071365385
5Chambers, Chris1910964165

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guelph CX southern cup #1

Well i entered a new sphere within my cycling this past weekend....

Cyclo-cross (CX).

Which i have to say was both fun and really rather harder than racing on the road (for me at least).

luckily I have no aspirations other than to:

A: sustain a bit of off season fitness.
B. improve my bike handling skills
C: have a bit of fun on the weekends between now and Christmas getting wet and muddy!!!

And given my current skill levels its probably a good thing! Anyway i hit my first race Sunday, when John "justice" Provart drove us down to Guelph for the first SO cup meeting.

And it was great! both for the team and for myself.

collectively we scored two 1st places and two 3rd's!!! And even a Jit bag (see #3) like myself managed to scrap round for a 10th place and my first 7 points, a sense of accomplishment and the mild taste of blood in my lungs, so i knew it was a good effort!

Basically a 1hr technical ITT on grass and gravel..

Unfortunately "Justice" had his rear tub come off on the first lap and ended up f**kin his ankle along with the early part of his CX season, however showing considerable #5 on the drive home and the hospital, i think it won't be long until he's back on the bike again (shit like you've got two legs right?!?...pussy ;0)

But team mate Rob Sule came in 1st over 1min 30secs ahead of me!!!! (how does he do it???) things are looking good for him this season, especially as the nationals are in town and he's riding Master C for the first time!

Anyway there where loads of great images to be had afterwards including this great (cause I'm in it of course) little montage that Marc Sullivan did for me...thx Marc!!!

next up is Christie Pits this coming Sunday!!! boo-ya!!! can't wait...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Friends and freckled fields: good for the soul

Well I have to say I'm feeling good again out on the bike. Saturday i hooked up with my good riding Buddy, Bruce to do what turned out to be an ambling impromptu century ride taking in some steady climbs and dirt tracks.

Just what the doctor ordered. In fact Bruce just had surgery to clear two blocked arteries, so it was an unfortunate marker of my own fitness level to have him easily sit on my wheel on the many climbs we hit!

anyway even after 8hrs of riding and chatting and only a minor stop or two for coffee and a muffin instead of feeling like i had just done 160km it felt more like 50km...which in part was down to finally getting away from systemized training and back to long rambling rides and also to my new "Andy Gilmour" bike.

it was the first time i had taken it out on such a long ride and even on some of the rough northern roads and dirt trails it was super smooth and comfy....sweet!

So come Sunday and the last race of the season i felt great and refreshed and ready to start riding again. (quite different from a week or so ago).

anyway :

we rounded of a long and successful season on Sunday with the Queens Park Grand Prix, back after a long 15 hiatus.

A fast 1.5km circuit with little chance of getting away. A high speed crit averaging 46kmph (27mph) for just over an hour. And that was just the Old folk.

later in the day garmins Ryder Hesjedal and local boy Michael Barry (sky) were in town to rip it up with the elite S1/2 guys. which was fun to watch. you can check it out below.

Schiller wins Queen's Park GP, Hesjedal 3rd -

Got to say a big thanks to Helo Vèlo for organising that it was great to see that size of event back in the centre of town.

Also want to let folk know they have their 2nd annual swap meet Oct. 9th go check it out for some sweet deals....

Ok So now the season is over, its long enjoyable rides in autumn colours and weight loss (down already)...nice

watch this space (if you can be bothered).

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a little bit cross and a little bit country!

Well I`m glad to say that in the midst of my cycling burn-out i got a new Cyclo-cross bike and started to refind my lust for the rubber.

And i have to say so far i love my bike, and i'm lovin hitting the single track in the don valley...
After 8mths of a constant diet of 20min lactate threshold intervals and vo2 max hill reps i have to say i was getting sick of the site of my local training spot, but now I can enjoy the trails skirting the perimeter. Sweet!!!

and its fun as well, the rush of obstacles coming at you keeps you on your toes and distracts you from the endless monotony of grinding away on the road, and flying past the Odd mountain biker adds to the experience as well.

Time will tell how i feel about the race side of things, but i really have no ambitions for anything other than a few laughs and some good training to get me through the winter months that are rapidly approaching.
i just wish i could bring it home to the UK with me this winter for a spin over the forest, but that space might be being reserved for something else (craig stop pontificating about the woes of Unions, or the Palestinian issue and give me a shout ;0)...)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

well there's your problem!!!!

So i had a little spill whilst training a few weeks ago (june or something) hurt like a fecker! thought i had a slight separation or something.
anyway instigated rule# 5, and was back on the bike within 2days. Potholes were not my favourite thing for a while.

Anyway the arms been giving me grief for the last few months, occasional shooting pains, can't sleep on it etc. etc. Finally thought I had better go get it checked out....
get some x-rays done, wait to go back to see the doctor, then he tells me, "oh you've got a compacted fracture! But you're lucky, You broke the bones and the two jagged ends were pushed into each other and fused together. Next time don't wait so long to get it checked out."
I just spent the last month underpinning a basement, and rounding up the season! Still got another one right???!!!


Monday, September 6, 2010

Provincial ITT champs are only 6days away.....

And I feel like its going to be nothing to write home about, so i guess i'll simply blog instead.
Spent a very wet and windy weekend in the woods next to a lake this weekend (last of summer).
Unperturbed though i headed out on the bike to try to get used to the Time trial position. I knew i was going to be in for a rough ride when I was quickly heading up hill at nearly 50kmph.
Mostly due to the gusting 40kmph tail wind i was going to have to face on my return trip.
The pouring rain and sketchy roads made it interesting, but not as much as crossing the many rickety train lines dissecting the roadway at obtuse angles. If you don't know, metal train tracks and wet weather don't mix to well at anything other than 90 degrees. Having you rear wheel slip out nearly a foot from under you can be a little disconcerting, but no harm no foul I guess.
anyway after a month of heavy construction work my back really is not enjoying new super aero position and after 40mins was killing me. I guess most my training this week will consist of stretching.

Anyway mostly i'll be using the whole experience for learning, and for trying out my new skin-suit and aero helmet....stylish.

good job i'm ramping up the commitment to off season dieting....

Monday, August 30, 2010

retro hipster bullshit...

i know i must be getting old(er).

i find myself looking in bemusement at the mass of old bits of crap dressed up as bikes on the streets of the GTA these days.

it wouldn't be so bad but i'm constantly amused at the prices people try (and i assume manage) to sell these things for.

its like Igor's warehouse full of old bits of crap bikes from the 80's has been looted, and some industrious entrepreneur has resprayed them with hamerite and flogged them on craigslist as "vintage Italian steel hipster: $600".

fuck, my parents bought me a piece of crap like that when i was 12yrs old, 3rd hand (maybe even 4th) and not because they were happening beatniks ahead of the game,

but because they knew even then, it was a heap of rusting archaic shit, that i was inevitably about to run into the ground and destroy, riding round the streets and over the forest (long before the world knew of mountain bikes).

now i watch all the "me too's" clanking down college st a little in bemusement.

fuck for $600 you could buy a new bike (well kind of) but i wouldn't pay $60 for that piece of crap, i don't care if it was hand crafted by elvin virgins in the forges of Mr Cinelli's back yard.

but being old now i guess i simply don't get it...

"but dude i like striped everything off it, shortened the chain and stuck a fixie on it???....and its black now whats not to like!"

"My (overpriced) retro chic, means i'm also an unique individual!.... so fuck off you old c**T, i'm off to go ride on critical mass and tweet witty anti establishment sound-bites from my iphone" or something like that.

Ha critical mass, i do that every weekend, its called "the donut", but we ride at 50kmph not 5, and scream obscenity's at each other, not the general public (for the most part). its been happening since the 70's (allegedly).

mutter grumble ..psst (fart)

Friday, August 27, 2010

....then i got up. I said "well thats enough - fck It!" [everything continues]

well for those of you (mum?) that have followed my rants for the past year, thankyou.

But with things and feelings slowly reaching a tipping point i've a feeling i'm about to throw the towel in on the season.

its been a great season, but i'm pretty wiped out. With work commitments taking up most my time and energy. And illness and injury peaking their heads round the door.

experience tells me its time to sit up, shout "uncle" and let go.

since the provincial championships (in fact before) i've almost no time to train consistently, which is probably a blessing as i have even less energy to do so.

In the last 2 weeks i've had an ear infection and an eye infection, and the other day i awoke at 5am barely able to move with a bad back.

luckily the pain only last 24hrs, but i think its time to sit back and enjoy the rest of the year without expectation.

Tomorrow i'm going to do the donut on my new bike, without my power tap and just enjoy the ride! Then I'm going to get my hands on a cyclocross bike and do some trail riding. Then make the most of the fall riding before kicking it all back into gear again for next year!!!

so thankyou and good night. its been a great year....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My new Gilmour.

So after many months fussing over this and that and scrapping together the parts for it my new custom made and sprayed Andy Gilmour bike is together at last!!!

made from Easton scandium tubing and built round a standard geometry, taken from my old favourite Bianchi San lorenzo frame.

Andy built in by request, S bend seat and chain stays and an integrated Ritchey WCS head set.

bought together with alpha Q10 full carbon forks and steerer, and Ritchey WCS alloy bars and Reynolds stem;.

With my past history of failures with carbon parts i don't trust anything but alloy in critical areas such as the flight deck.

And kitted out with campagnolo chorus 10 speed group-set supplied at an unbeatable price through Coach Mirek Mazur of Team Mazur. (thank you for coming through again!)

I went with the 10 speed for several reasons, not only the price but also for compatibility with my other road bikes as well, and so i could avoid having to pay $200 for a feckin campagnolo chain breaker.

For my butt i went for the old faithful fizik arizone saddle which seems to agree with me well on long rides, combined with a FSA slk light carbon seat post. I choose some reliable and light specialized water bottle cages and a set of campagnolo neutron ultra wheels and speed play zero pedals to round of the bike fit out.

And whilst it may not be as light as some of today mass produced carbon offerings from Taiwan, weighing in at around 17.5lbs its initial ride felt super smooth over the bumpy old crap of my usual training loop, and very responsive when i jumped out the saddle to put some speed out.

But best of all its mine..a one of a kind there is nothing else out the like it!

I always dreamed of having my very own custom bike built one day and now that dream has come to fruition.

so now i guess i can transfer my (seemingly) never ending desire for new bikes onto something else.

My girlfriend asked me not to get any more bikes until we lived somewhere bigger.

i said i couldn`t promise to do that....

desire is a terrible mistress....

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The State of the Union is.....

Pretty feckin mullered overall...but content.

well its been a full on few weeks as the season draws to a close. Last weekend saw the team head up to elliot lake for a three stage race.

A crit, the Provincial Hill Climb Championships and the Provincial Road Race Championships.

And although we narrowly missed coming home in the medals we managed to get numerous top 10 placements, and scored three, 4th place finishes.

Even a fat boy like myself managed to come in fourth in the Hill climb! just 8 seconds off a 3rd place medal.

I also scored a 8th in the road race due to to some great team work, pulling back a some break only 1km from the finish line.

thats me bringing up the rear in the sprint!

anyway after my somewhat unexpected result in the hill I've had to reassess my season and cycling goals.

with the season almost over and cross season less than 4wks away, i've developed a new found interest in time trialling.

A sport once described as similar to punching oneself in the face continually for an hour to see who can endure the most pain. So now I'm all skin suits, overshoes and tear drop helmets.

the crazy train team TT is next week, followed by the provincial Crit race, and then god damn it the provincial TT championships. Oh and the queens park pro/am invitational where Ryder Hesjedal is going to beat us all to a pulp on the classic 2km down-town loop.

all of which is a lot better than last years calendar but the fact i'm totally knackered isn't really helping things much.

oh well guess we're going to see what comes to pass.

watch this space.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Its the weekend!!!

Well with the provincials just around the corner my pre race training is going well!

I spent it stuck down a hole digging up the foundations of a team mates house with +40's C humidex. its like working in a sauna but with out the same chic-ness.

I can drink 7-10ltrs of water in a day and still piss custard!!! (btw i don`t recommend doing a goodle search for images for that last Phrase). And this coming week will see more of the same...which is nice.

Oh well i guess its great training for the predicted 33C and rain at the race next weekend.

Well today i hit the donut! Taking it fairly easy and heading up Keele, instead of going with the big kids up jane st.

However i still managed to roll off the front and get a 20min solo break up the hills and the 2nd sprint! that`ll learn them to let me off the front!
Off course this was only dampened by the fact after the café break I was lead first over a large non de-script metal object, and then later at high speeds over what seemed like a small crater!! which killed my rim leaving somewhat of a flat spot that let me bounce all the way home...fuck!
Just what i need a wheel re-build a week out from Provincials!!!

oh well c`est la vie non???

Friday, July 30, 2010

YeAy Its MOnkiEs oN bikES WeeK!!!! (again)

Well its not easy writing a blog, people are often offended, feelings hurt, illusions shattered blah blah blah.

So in an effort to dumb things down to an acceptable level of banality, so as not to hinder corporate interests. And to conform to the pre determined diagnosis of non denominational bland porridge for breakfast that is main stream media, entertainment and political commentary.

I shall be instigating by popular demand, the much hyped and dearly loved:

Monkies On bicycles week!!!!!
yeah you heard it right! a big F$%K you to the establishment and animal lovers every where.

Now i Know the two or three people that regularly follow my ill formed and unstructured rants, along with the five or Six of you that might have been fooled over the last year into coming here with devious sound byte titles such as "hot Lycra butts" and "sex for chocolate" might not approve.

So i humbly apologise in advance for the grievous and frivolous abuse of primates ... i know some of you are political candidates (its true! go figure) and as such i might be having a devastating effects on your public standings.

But Shit you a signed up for this crap!

Besides they are more calming than a handle full oxicodine and a bottle of Jagermeister and more fun than injecting silicone into your testicles until they're 24" wide (google it) IMO at least.

I mean what's not to like? Fun for all the family right.

Harking back to a time of innocence before we had to worry about upsetting the crazy leftist bloc and libertarians everywhere.
A time when one could find satisfaction and contentment from watching our nearest genetic cousins dressed in a bespoke suit and touting a custom steel frame (you know before all the feckin hipsters jumped on the band wagon),

As we enjoyed the wonders of polyester and such spectacles as the Tour De France, over a nice cuppa rosie on half day closing. Before we had to consider capital gains, free market economies and global Dimming (google that as well)

ah the good ol`days!!!!

monkies on a bike week!!!! tell your friends.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Its peanut butter jelly time!!!!!

Its hot...feckin hot!!!! 45c with the humidex.

I spend my time hiding in the comfort of the A/C watching the TDF and riding far too much in the middle of the day. Like nearly 15hrs in the past 4 days....

Hit the bluffs today for some much needed VO2 max work.

usual 6 reps at 118% ftp.

first rep though i set a personal best time for the hill.

3minutes 37seconds with an avg of 502w, and a shit load of water bottles on my bike and in jersey pockets.

not bad on a 1.4km climb with grades of 16% in places. especially when it used to take me 5minutes 30seconds last year.....

then it was off for an excursion out east into my new stomping grounds. Through Rouge park and past the Zoo.

pouring as much water on my head as i could spare.....

i like my new area, its close to the bluffs and the spit. and when its sweltering hot in the city i can stroll down to little india at 11pm and grab an authentic Dosa.....

then come back to the A/c .....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

a delicate subject?

Group Etiquette....OOOOoooooooo

Never an easy subject at the best of times.

Yet Cycling is a individual sport often played in conjunction with others.

at the local world's, a race or on the club run. It can be tricky at times to know exactly what and how to act.

what works in one place doesn't go over so well in another.

For instance I can be pretty belligerent in a race, and I can give as good as I take, but I like to think I keep it in bounds. But on the club run I know I have to act in a more accommodating manor. Though I'm sure there are those that think I'm pretty belligerent there as well.

but Some people just don't seem to get it. Oh well this isn't going to be an exercise in venting so I'll leave it there, I guess its subjective anyway.

I learnt a new phrase today! "dutch oven" is this a North American thing? I'd never heard it explained before tonight. Thanks Dr Rosenberg for once again broadening my horizons!!!!

Cycling has such interesting Jit-bag(s).

Dutch oven, Jit-bags am I becoming Americanized? whats happening to my vocabulary?

In other news, I got my results back for the first unit of my chemistry course work....93%.

I guess google does have its uses.

.....Dutch oven that ones going to stick. :0)