Saturday, December 25, 2010

a very merry happy

Merry happy folks!!!...if i can avoid this swine flu going round half my family i'll head out for a ride Monday with my nephew to help work off all this turkey and chocolate....

time will tell. The diet of beer and sleep deprivation isn't helping my immune system much though.

happy jolly!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

through freckled fields this solstice Moon.

I came home to see my folks and get some winter miles in my legs... but the weather seems to have other ideas.

I tried to ride the roads this morning but just ended up sprawled on the ground less than 100m from my front gate before I even made it to the main road. Seems snowfall, then thaw, then freeze, then rain and then another freeze equates to some great sheet ice on the dirt track leading to my parents place.... the back roads weren't a lot better.

I realised some time ago that wisdom is simply listening to that little voice in your head that is telling you "this is not a good idea". We've always had that little voice just when we were younger we choose to ignore it. Middle age and a few broken bones convinced my to listen to it today though.

I did however take my trusty and some what aged mtn bike out over the rapidly thawing forest. At least the ground is a little softer than tarmac when traction gives way to gravity.

anyway thank heavens for gore-tex socks and winter shoes.

Friday, December 10, 2010

trainer speed drills by kieranza at Garmin Connect - Details

An unrelated image...

trainer speed drills by kieranza at Garmin Connect - Details

trying to stay off the bike but its hard, so a light 40min workout low intensity high cadence.

warm up at increasing cadences.

2 sets one leg drills (80 reps each leg x 2)

3x3mins increasing cadence till 115rpm.

the history of the great flood and the black sea????

keeps you interested!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

trainer (1st session of winter) pyramid intervals by kieranza at Garmin Connect - Details

I hate training indoors, its hard and its hot and its kind of pointless in many respects (you don't go anywhere.....)

so with great reluctance i finally excepted its winter and set up my new training spot in a little sun room on the side of my apartment.

actually its great! i can open all the windows and get the fan going and its nowhere near as hot as my old place used to be....i even got to learn about cold fusion as i watched a documentary whilst training...nice

anyway just a short spin to try it out.....i'm meant to be resting, i mean it is the OFF season...

trainer (1st session of winter) pyramid intervals by kieranza at Garmin Connect - Details

My goals are to relax, get used to riding in a TT position and raise my cadence....

I'll be hitting this place hard come the end of January as i'vea feeling this winter is going to be a tough one.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winters here!!!!

So like all cycles thing come round to where they once started.

Winter landed the other day, the first snowfall in town and sub-zero temperatures. So wrapped up i headed to the Don Valley to hit the river trail.

heading back to the UK soon for Christmas and some easy riding over the forest. Maybe a loop round the Isle of Wight weather permitting.

Mostly i'll be unwinding and enjoying the off season...

Have a Merry Very Happy, and thanks for checking in over the last 12mths...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

And it keeps on getting better!!!!

The season is over and the points tallied and announced this evening.

Team Chain Reaction/Molson Canadian 67 take the overall in the CX - Ontario Club Challenge Standings

Not surprising given we had amongst us:

4 individual category overall victories
1 Provincial Champion
1 National Champion

We've gone from humble beginnings to grow from strength to strength, and with the new and on going development of our Road team for next year I've high hopes 2011 will be even better!

Big thanks to the guys at Chain Reaction bikes, Molson Canadian, and all the other supporters, club members, cycling widows and sponsors that made this year a success!!!!

happy holidays..don't get too fat training starts again in 4 weeks... ;0).