Sunday, June 5, 2011

State of the Union:

Been a while since I checked in....

The season is progressing along, and time is fast running out before I move ship out the city and off to start 2yrs of paramedic training.

In preparation I've been trawling the suburbs looking for somewhere new to live and checking out the nearby country-side for new route for the bike. Looking forward to living close to the country again but I'm going to miss having Little-India on my doorstep.

I passed my driving test as well to now have the luxury of sitting in traffic along with 50,000 others as I head off to enjoy the pleasures of rural riding in the summer that has finally decided to join us here in Ontario.

Training is coming along as well, fitness is slowly increasing. The last month had me racing nearly every weekend and with The National Championships just around the corner, I think this week should see me ramping up the training another notch.

watch this space for updates....

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