Friday, October 28, 2011

Post Mid-Term.

well its been a while since my last update.

I'm now over the mid way section of my first semester of a two year Paramedic diploma and I'm loving it.

Getting steady Mid 80's% in all my courses and 90's% in my Gen-Eds.

There's plenty of Inter cranial pressure but I wish I had done this years ago it seems I have found my vocation in life. I've even had the opportunity to put some of my learning into practice with the odd MVC (motor vehicle collision) I've happened across

Clinical placements start next term and then ride outs the following semester. Lets hope i can keep it all together.
On other notes I'm drawing to the end of my advanced first Aid course with the Canadian Ski Patrol and expect to be out picking and shipping the bodies within the next few soon as the snow gets here.

I'll keep you posted, for now its back to study: [is] Spinal immobilization and penetrating trauma [the new black?]

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