Tuesday, December 21, 2010

through freckled fields this solstice Moon.

I came home to see my folks and get some winter miles in my legs... but the weather seems to have other ideas.

I tried to ride the roads this morning but just ended up sprawled on the ground less than 100m from my front gate before I even made it to the main road. Seems snowfall, then thaw, then freeze, then rain and then another freeze equates to some great sheet ice on the dirt track leading to my parents place.... the back roads weren't a lot better.

I realised some time ago that wisdom is simply listening to that little voice in your head that is telling you "this is not a good idea". We've always had that little voice just when we were younger we choose to ignore it. Middle age and a few broken bones convinced my to listen to it today though.

I did however take my trusty and some what aged mtn bike out over the rapidly thawing forest. At least the ground is a little softer than tarmac when traction gives way to gravity.

anyway thank heavens for gore-tex socks and winter shoes.

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