Wednesday, February 2, 2011

After the trainer the treat!!!

I love Winter.

I realised recently whilst in the midst of planning for a trip out west for a short snowboard trip, that given the chance, I'd rather be a ski bum up to my ass in powder, in the glades than riding a bike.

This winter in particular has been harder than the last two. Its now February and and there is little sight of the roads clearing up any-time soon. Which somewhat compounds my attempts at keeping the winter weight off and get my self ready to roll for the up coming season, now only a couple of months away.

Added to that I seem (perhaps unsurprisingly) to be having more an more exams and admittance tests as I attempt to pursue a career as a Paramedic. Which wouldn't be to bad if it weren't for the fact they seem to include totally random subject matter, on topics I love to hate.

Chemistry + Maths.

However ironically although I haven't studied it for over 20+yrs, my knowledge and understanding of contemporary physics far out strips my comprehension of the former subjects, in no small part due to the hours I've wasted watching Horizon Documentaries over the past few years.

Anyway the upshot of all this seems to be that I'll be spending the next few weeks studying for my HOAE's, whilst trying to shed those extra pounds. Luckily it seems that is more than acceptable with my revision texts that actively encourage me to exercise for at least 30mins a day...sweet!

combine that with having to renew my CPR, first aid and get my driving licence, I guess I really shouldn't be writing this feckin blog right now.

Anyhoo my workout/stress management today consisted of a short but sweet session of speed drills on my trainer.

10mins WU
12x30sec @ 120rpm and a high power and 1min rest intervals
10mins CD

All whilst my post ride recovery was baking in the oven.....

Roast apples sprinkled with a little brown sugar, raisins and rolled oats.


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