Sunday, April 17, 2011

Je Suis Canadian.....And other things

Its been another busy week in my life....

I became a proud member of the (former) British colony of Canada Thursday! Taking the morning from work to go and swear allegiance to the Canadian Queen, who funnily enough happens to be the same Queen I swore allegiance to when I was in the Grenadier Guards all those years ago.

We have a close relationship; I've been to her house, eaten her cucumber sandwiches and even helped to water her extensive gardens during a summer garden party in the late 80's.

So its good of her to help me out with another Nationality...

I have to say though that my new Citizenship ID is a little tacky...a laminated card, which for security reasons (obviously) I can't confirm or deny (on-line) is fitted with a complimentary bottle opener in the shape of some Elk antlers.

all those years ago...

But they did also give me a flag so It's all good!

On other fronts I accepted an offer from Georgian Collage to begin my Paramedic Diploma this fall semester, so I'll be up'ing sticks and moving from the GTA to glorious Barrie, gateway to that place just the other-side of Barrie (allegedly).

And my rather unique and robust Father apparently doesn't have cancer (this week). Now its been cross-graded to T.B. Although he hasn't tested positive for it.....(personally I'll wait and see what they come up with next week; life really IS a Lamrim Meditation)

Anyhoo all in all things are going pretty well lately.

But what of my training you ask????? well its slowly coming together. I have my next race this Sunday coming.

90km of dirt, mud and asphalt
. I'll let you know how it goes.

My new team however had a stonking weekend of racing, getting some podiums and a whole bunch great results across the board in Ontario today!

Its great to be part of a committed, and focused gang of riders, both male and female. As well as enjoying the support from a shop and owner that's genuinely motivated to help and support his riders...The term chalk and cheese springs to mind.

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