Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a little bit cross and a little bit country!

Well I`m glad to say that in the midst of my cycling burn-out i got a new Cyclo-cross bike and started to refind my lust for the rubber.

And i have to say so far i love my bike, and i'm lovin hitting the single track in the don valley...
After 8mths of a constant diet of 20min lactate threshold intervals and vo2 max hill reps i have to say i was getting sick of the site of my local training spot, but now I can enjoy the trails skirting the perimeter. Sweet!!!

and its fun as well, the rush of obstacles coming at you keeps you on your toes and distracts you from the endless monotony of grinding away on the road, and flying past the Odd mountain biker adds to the experience as well.

Time will tell how i feel about the race side of things, but i really have no ambitions for anything other than a few laughs and some good training to get me through the winter months that are rapidly approaching.
i just wish i could bring it home to the UK with me this winter for a spin over the forest, but that space might be being reserved for something else (craig stop pontificating about the woes of Unions, or the Palestinian issue and give me a shout ;0)...)

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