Tuesday, September 7, 2010

well there's your problem!!!!

So i had a little spill whilst training a few weeks ago (june or something) hurt like a fecker! thought i had a slight separation or something.
anyway instigated rule# 5, and was back on the bike within 2days. Potholes were not my favourite thing for a while.

Anyway the arms been giving me grief for the last few months, occasional shooting pains, can't sleep on it etc. etc. Finally thought I had better go get it checked out....
get some x-rays done, wait to go back to see the doctor, then he tells me, "oh you've got a compacted fracture! But you're lucky, You broke the bones and the two jagged ends were pushed into each other and fused together. Next time don't wait so long to get it checked out."
I just spent the last month underpinning a basement, and rounding up the season! Still got another one right???!!!


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