Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Guelph CX southern cup #1

Well i entered a new sphere within my cycling this past weekend....

Cyclo-cross (CX).

Which i have to say was both fun and really rather harder than racing on the road (for me at least).

luckily I have no aspirations other than to:

A: sustain a bit of off season fitness.
B. improve my bike handling skills
C: have a bit of fun on the weekends between now and Christmas getting wet and muddy!!!

And given my current skill levels its probably a good thing! Anyway i hit my first race Sunday, when John "justice" Provart drove us down to Guelph for the first SO cup meeting.

And it was great! both for the team and for myself.

collectively we scored two 1st places and two 3rd's!!! And even a Jit bag (see #3) like myself managed to scrap round for a 10th place and my first 7 points, a sense of accomplishment and the mild taste of blood in my lungs, so i knew it was a good effort!

Basically a 1hr technical ITT on grass and gravel..

Unfortunately "Justice" had his rear tub come off on the first lap and ended up f**kin his ankle along with the early part of his CX season, however showing considerable #5 on the drive home and the hospital, i think it won't be long until he's back on the bike again (shit like you've got two legs right?!?...pussy ;0)

But team mate Rob Sule came in 1st over 1min 30secs ahead of me!!!! (how does he do it???) things are looking good for him this season, especially as the nationals are in town and he's riding Master C for the first time!

Anyway there where loads of great images to be had afterwards including this great (cause I'm in it of course) little montage that Marc Sullivan did for me...thx Marc!!!

next up is Christie Pits this coming Sunday!!! boo-ya!!! can't wait...

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