Monday, November 29, 2010

I am #1 all others are #2 or lower!!!!!

Firstly to do things right, one should recognise one's teams achievements for the CX season.

Team Chain reaction/Molson 67 has had a stellar CX season in 2010/2011. Clearing up with 4 titles in various divisions, on top of a Provincial and National title. We may even have snatched the overall series in club points though being heavily out numbered by our closest rivals for the title, Esteem training.

the Southern Ontario cup overall titles taken for Us are:

Paul Greene (Master 1)
Stefan Milosovic (U17)
Kelly Greene (Master female)
Kieran Maxwell (Master 2)

with Rob Sule taking the provincial and national titles for Master C....great effort all around and an awesome way to round up the season.

Master 2 Male

PlaceNameBest 7/71234567License
1Maxwell, Kieran1017132025
2Jones, Graham85
3Abbey, Garnett8595131613131670731
4Tripp, Michael46

5Ker, Jeff3152

6Rucklidge, Andrew29

7Chambers, Chris29109

8Cranwell, Michael26

9Laroche, Remi22.856.6
10Schuman, Jamie21138

overall standings after All 7 rounds.

So the season is over, the weekend saw the final round of the S.O. Cup at Riverdale. It was a hard fought last round, and Graham Jones laid down some serious riding to clinch his first win of the season as well as nipping 2nd in the overall from Garnett Abbey and show us all how it should be done!

Personally i spent the time leading up to the event and fair section of the race itself thinking about wrapping up the season and getting to grips with a flask of Gluhwein i had prep'ed the night before!
as such the hills and mud seemed to hurt me all the more this time out and it was a struggle to claim 2nd on the day.

so now its Rest and Recuperation until its time to gear up for next season.

all of which starts......... now! diet is back on already, been doing some steady easy rides to keep me moving and the weight from creeping back over Christmas, and come the 15th Dec. i'll be heading to the UK for a short training camp and family Christmas. Combined with some much revision for my upcoming Chemistry finals (currently getting 93%).

oh its never ending at the bottom of the food chain!

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