Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring time!

Finally the seasonal tides are turning again. In the last week my training load has gone from near Zero to over 12hrs. I've finally managed to get out side to ride without the need for a winter jacket and Gloves on.

The snow has all but gone from the trails, and the joys of cycling round absent minded pedestrians has come back again.

And along with all the external worldly movements, there are many social ones as well...

My long standing love, hate relationship with my former team Management has ended (at last). Whilst new opportunities continue to unfold before me.

My chain blew up on my Litespeed, dragging the rear mech into the wheel and leaving me stranded and somewhat out of pocket where repairs are concerned, on the same day I got a part time Job at a local bike shop walking distance from my home.

Life, like the seasons, is in a constant ebb and flow. People come and go, things wear out and are replaced its the natural state of being.

get the bike out the basement its spring time again!

I've no idea where or what I'll be writing about in the next few months. My goals regards cycling have changed drastically from what they were 5mths ago. And thats fine.

To all my old team mates I wish you all the best with the coming season, to my new ones I wish an even better one. Be watching for some sneaky

lets see what the tides bring in!

boom shanka!

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