Saturday, August 7, 2010

Its the weekend!!!

Well with the provincials just around the corner my pre race training is going well!

I spent it stuck down a hole digging up the foundations of a team mates house with +40's C humidex. its like working in a sauna but with out the same chic-ness.

I can drink 7-10ltrs of water in a day and still piss custard!!! (btw i don`t recommend doing a goodle search for images for that last Phrase). And this coming week will see more of the same...which is nice.

Oh well i guess its great training for the predicted 33C and rain at the race next weekend.

Well today i hit the donut! Taking it fairly easy and heading up Keele, instead of going with the big kids up jane st.

However i still managed to roll off the front and get a 20min solo break up the hills and the 2nd sprint! that`ll learn them to let me off the front!
Off course this was only dampened by the fact after the café break I was lead first over a large non de-script metal object, and then later at high speeds over what seemed like a small crater!! which killed my rim leaving somewhat of a flat spot that let me bounce all the way home...fuck!
Just what i need a wheel re-build a week out from Provincials!!!

oh well c`est la vie non???

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