Monday, August 30, 2010

retro hipster bullshit...

i know i must be getting old(er).

i find myself looking in bemusement at the mass of old bits of crap dressed up as bikes on the streets of the GTA these days.

it wouldn't be so bad but i'm constantly amused at the prices people try (and i assume manage) to sell these things for.

its like Igor's warehouse full of old bits of crap bikes from the 80's has been looted, and some industrious entrepreneur has resprayed them with hamerite and flogged them on craigslist as "vintage Italian steel hipster: $600".

fuck, my parents bought me a piece of crap like that when i was 12yrs old, 3rd hand (maybe even 4th) and not because they were happening beatniks ahead of the game,

but because they knew even then, it was a heap of rusting archaic shit, that i was inevitably about to run into the ground and destroy, riding round the streets and over the forest (long before the world knew of mountain bikes).

now i watch all the "me too's" clanking down college st a little in bemusement.

fuck for $600 you could buy a new bike (well kind of) but i wouldn't pay $60 for that piece of crap, i don't care if it was hand crafted by elvin virgins in the forges of Mr Cinelli's back yard.

but being old now i guess i simply don't get it...

"but dude i like striped everything off it, shortened the chain and stuck a fixie on it???....and its black now whats not to like!"

"My (overpriced) retro chic, means i'm also an unique individual!.... so fuck off you old c**T, i'm off to go ride on critical mass and tweet witty anti establishment sound-bites from my iphone" or something like that.

Ha critical mass, i do that every weekend, its called "the donut", but we ride at 50kmph not 5, and scream obscenity's at each other, not the general public (for the most part). its been happening since the 70's (allegedly).

mutter grumble ..psst (fart)

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