Friday, August 27, 2010

....then i got up. I said "well thats enough - fck It!" [everything continues]

well for those of you (mum?) that have followed my rants for the past year, thankyou.

But with things and feelings slowly reaching a tipping point i've a feeling i'm about to throw the towel in on the season.

its been a great season, but i'm pretty wiped out. With work commitments taking up most my time and energy. And illness and injury peaking their heads round the door.

experience tells me its time to sit up, shout "uncle" and let go.

since the provincial championships (in fact before) i've almost no time to train consistently, which is probably a blessing as i have even less energy to do so.

In the last 2 weeks i've had an ear infection and an eye infection, and the other day i awoke at 5am barely able to move with a bad back.

luckily the pain only last 24hrs, but i think its time to sit back and enjoy the rest of the year without expectation.

Tomorrow i'm going to do the donut on my new bike, without my power tap and just enjoy the ride! Then I'm going to get my hands on a cyclocross bike and do some trail riding. Then make the most of the fall riding before kicking it all back into gear again for next year!!!

so thankyou and good night. its been a great year....

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