Saturday, October 9, 2010

The CX season so far...

fame at last

So having been reliably informed today that at least one person reads my blog, even if they can't understand half of what i babble on about, i thought it were high time i updated it.

Well last week saw the 2nd round of the S.O. CX cup and I managed to grab forth despite dropping my chain twice....(amateur). But with my fitness and technique slowly improving each week there is a slim chance i might be able to get a podium tomorrow at round three....(unless in the spirit of coronation street something terrible happens in the mean time).

So i'll roll out tomorrow and see what happens. i'll keep you (and by that i mean you Broady!!!) posted.

here's the current standings at the top of the table in my division after the first two CX races.

PlaceNameBest 6/612License
1Sule, Robert45252065405
1Buschlen, Scott45202570676
3Schuman, Jamie2113870726
4Maxwell, Kieran2071365385
5Chambers, Chris1910964165

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