Sunday, October 31, 2010

I`s is #1 : y'all be # 2 or less....

Well i always wanted to ride a wet and muddy CX race .. today i got my chance.

round 4 of the Southern Ontario Cup series kicked off after a hard night of rain, sub zero temps and a couple of inches of snow to top it all off!

Hillbillie Hustle 2010

All of which made for a particularly interesting race. I wiped out on the first technical section sliding a couple of meters down the slope away from my bike. And then after picking myself back up i swiftly fell back on my arse again. Not the most auspicious start to the race.

The mud and snow played havoc with my pedals making it nearly impossible to clip back in through out the course all of which was compounded by the fact that i could change out of my top 2 gears (luckily not too much of a problem on such a slow and slippery course). However i still managed to slip off the front of the group and stay upright for the remainder of the race to snatch my first victory! woohoo!

which one of us won? (Chris and his magic winning team car)

Which leaves me placed nicely at the top of the table in the current standings, with three races left in the series, pretty much the only obstacle to me wining overall is the threat of being upgraded before the end of the season....(not a real hardship i guess)

Victory at last!!!

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