Wednesday, October 20, 2010

the story so far!!!

Well the weekend saw the UCI come to town
with 2 CX events being held in toronto.

I raced both with various levels of commitment and success.

Saturday was a hard fought race, I was caught out of a possible podium place when i had a bizarre mechanical whilst attacking hard on a hill for 2nd place and the wheel of my team mate Rob Sule.

by the time i had figured it out 32 seconds had passed, and i had all but given hope of staying anywhere in the race. But when i saw no one was coming past me i thought i might as well stick it out till the end.

SO i dragged my self back up to catch 2 of the 7 guys ahead of me and came in 5th. Not bad considering. Anyway my confidence and my technical skills are improving each event, so its all good.

Sunday was a done for experience and training and i soon dropped away from the front runners to come in 14th.

this coming weekend see's another double feature with the prov's and kelso CX coming up. both again are low priority races.

mostly cause I'm going to get my ass kicked at the provincial champs and the next southern Ontario cup isn't for another 2weeks.

let hope its a muddy one!!!

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