Friday, October 15, 2010


had a great race last weekend.

came very close to getting 1st, a lost a 2nd place when i stacked it on the on an off camber section. but hung in for 3rd and my first podium place....

woo hoo! Which leaves me ranking third overall now in the southern ontario cup standings. The next S.O.cup race is not for a while but we have a busy couple of weekends coming up.

the toronto UCI CX weekend is here, two races at centennial park starting tomorrow, and then the following weekend its the provincial championships and a sunday race afterwards.

I'm going to do all of them (if i can) and use it as training for the final rounds of the Cup.

on top of that i've stepped up my training. including 30min runs 2x a week and some reps on the stairs over the park! they hurt but not quite as much as my ribs do after going ass over tit last night following El Capitian, Paul Greene fro a night ride through hyde park.

good times, good times...

Now we'vew got

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