Thursday, May 27, 2010

Days since my last accident: 0

Well it had to happen at some point.

and it was all going so well, i was rested up feeling strong, laying the hurt down on the Old folk at the club ride.

we got caught in a light rain storm amd then quite at exactly the furthest point from home i rounded a corner, started to pull away and WHAM!!!

My back wheel slid out and i found my self dumped on my arse on the wet tarmac. Actually it was more like on my shoulder, as i reached out to catch my self i felt my shoulder get over extended. and amidst the calls of concern and advice to pull to the side ans take it easy i picked my self up got back on my bike and kept heading home.

sorry to those that felt put out by my actions, but i knew i was going to have a long ride home in the wet and sitting around discussing it wasn't going to make it any shorter or any less painful.

so here i sit, arm in a sling , with a nice case of road rash.

I'm pretty sure nothing is broken...torn? probably...

but i'll be back soon enough (i might have to miss the crit this Sunday though.

such is the game we play....

Funny as i limped home i knew exactly what i wanted...Beer and curry.

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