Monday, May 10, 2010

been a while

Ok its been a while since i checked in....

did any one really miss me ?

no one called so i guess not...

anyway heres a brief overview of the past few weeks.

training is going well.

vo2 max is up, FTP is up

hit +400w twice during hard races in the same week, for 20min Normalised power outputs.

had my first Mid week crit race. got away in a break after bridging a sizeable gap early on. stayed away for 20mins, before getting caught.

another team mate got into the following break and managed to hold in for a great 2nd place finish.

Burlington got cancelled which sucks i was looking forward to that race.

I'm currently pretty exhausted its been 5wks since i took an easy week. its starting to show.

Not sure i can face another hard week of training before tapering off for Effingham.

I'm still debating what to do legs might already be telling me though.

Rest you!!!

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