Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MiD weAk cRIt....

Well Tuesdays amount to one of two things for me this time of year.....

either i go the the bluffs to do hill reps and work on my Vo2 Max.

or i go to the local "world champs", the Mid week crit race.

A fast and furious hammer fest round an industrial park out in Missisaga.

I have to say last nights crit, was not the most enjoyable, it hurt....

20mins in i was like shit i want to stop already....30mins in i'm thinking the same, hoping that perhaps i might get a puncture or something else that might let me pull out whilst retaining my honour (the minds a funny thing). it lasted 75mins and i can't honestly say it got any more enjoyable.

its takes a familiar format,, i go for a break, i get caught...exhausted i fall back into the pack to recover...regroup, work my way back to the front and wait for the next opportunity to go again or work to cover a team mates break.

Such efforts aren't easy, especially when you're going at an avg. of 45kmph (28mph) in temps of around 30c

And thats just the avg. speed with the pace and group pulsating between with surges of over 55+kmph.

Its hard to stay off the front at that speed its hurts.

Makes you want to get a puncture......

But the Toronto Crit is on Sunday, 1hr 45min of pain, with the Pro boys from Spyder tech just back form the Tour or cali, you know its going to sting like a son of a bitch!!!!

Ah but El Capitan likes it i feel obliged. it is after all what i signed up for right? ;0)

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