Saturday, May 22, 2010

pre race blog

Ok so tomorrow is Effingham road race: the Niagara classic.

I'm not in top shape, i had been planning to do well at Burlington, but it was cancelled.

I was exhausted after that block of training so had to take a rest week.

But i had a good Crit Tuesday, worked hard (mostly at working off all the B-day excesses) and came in 5TH behind the S1/cat1 kids.

looking to do well at KW in three weeks time though But will still hang it all out there tomorrow and see what happens....what else can one do?

anyway spent the night tru-ing my rear wheel, which had some very loose spokes, and tightening the bottom bracket which had also worked its way loose again.

gathered my shit together for tomorrow and managed to lose one of my new gloves somewhere.


shit my room is so small how can i lose it? anyway after an hour of searching i gave up in favour of relaxing and writing this instead.

Oh well looking forward to tomorrow with nervous anticipation.

I'll let you know how i got on.


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