Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I can't stand the rain......

Well actually i don't mind it (good job coming from the UK) but after my last little tumble i guess i"ll be going pretty gingerly through the corners for a while again....

My evening ride is postponed after Trev and his kid were involved in some kind of road accident whilst cycling to school this morning....(will it never end?).

anyway on the cards today is a short tempo ride 60mins perhaps at 85% ftp.

I'll be riding close to home so its not so bad i guess..just get the Ipod going and hunker down.

As an aside however I'll provide a link to something I'm still finding somewhat incredulous...

and another reason to avoid riding with triathlete's when ever possible...:

you gotta read it.:

how to go #2 on your bike

and finally through pure self the word "Greenland"

With over 1300+ visitors to my blog from over 30 countries and four continents, there is a big blob missing from the google analysis world map page in the shape of you guessed it Greenland so i'm hoping that by adding the word to this page i might inadvertently get a hit from there...

shit it worked with "hot lycra butts" so should be a sure thing?

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