Wednesday, June 9, 2010

slowly creeping feels like progress.

Its been a hard few weeks.

fitness was up, then fatigue set in.

fatigue washed away with structured rest then injury got me.

Injuries made me struggle with training, then motivation can be tested.

but progress slowly creeps back in to the veins and sinew and confidence begins to emerge again.

Did the old store ride yesterday with a new gang of riders. Mostly racers, mostly younger. So a fast pace and plenty of attacks with a fair amount of working together as well.

fuckin 705 has been playing up though so I've no idea of how things were going. One thing about training with power is you have a bench mark to see how well you're really doing, regardless of what your body or mind might be screaming at you.

yesterday felt good, the shoulder is coming back to life. I put 3m 15secs in to the pack behind me. Once I got away with one other rider I knew they wouldn't catch us.

The heaving beast with two backs, grunts and dribbles some small success.

another small town BMX hero...?

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