Thursday, June 24, 2010

a delicate subject?

Group Etiquette....OOOOoooooooo

Never an easy subject at the best of times.

Yet Cycling is a individual sport often played in conjunction with others.

at the local world's, a race or on the club run. It can be tricky at times to know exactly what and how to act.

what works in one place doesn't go over so well in another.

For instance I can be pretty belligerent in a race, and I can give as good as I take, but I like to think I keep it in bounds. But on the club run I know I have to act in a more accommodating manor. Though I'm sure there are those that think I'm pretty belligerent there as well.

but Some people just don't seem to get it. Oh well this isn't going to be an exercise in venting so I'll leave it there, I guess its subjective anyway.

I learnt a new phrase today! "dutch oven" is this a North American thing? I'd never heard it explained before tonight. Thanks Dr Rosenberg for once again broadening my horizons!!!!

Cycling has such interesting Jit-bag(s).

Dutch oven, Jit-bags am I becoming Americanized? whats happening to my vocabulary?

In other news, I got my results back for the first unit of my chemistry course work....93%.

I guess google does have its uses.

.....Dutch oven that ones going to stick. :0)

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