Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011: .....

A dark and pensive start to the year

A New year...again.

things i'm thinking about...

How come in the UK it snows 3" but the aftermath of ice and crap stays for nearly two weeks???
but in Canada it'll snow 6" and the roads will be clear within a couple of days???

Yesterday here in Toronto it was raining, every where was wet, the temp was 8c. I woke up this morning it was -3c but the roads were dry with barely a sign of ice anywhere!!! who the feck does it dry in conditions like that?


Anyway i was only wondering....

On other fronts Its time to work off that Xmas gluttony (though I didn't do too bad this year).

I gotta revise for my final chemistry exam and apply for collage.... I hate that kind of stuff.

Along with another whole list of random shizel thats filling my new cork board (gotta get organized right?) thats includes clearing out my facebook friends list.

if for by chance you one of those people that also reads my blog, don't take it personally i'm only making space for my aging desperation to spread out... its nothing personal.

I might even finally get round to trying out my new running shoes, as i get the year going with a structure of Side planks, sit ups and stretches...

Just don't get me going on the Buddhists.......I'm not angry I'm just disappointed [for what probably will not be the last time]

thats doesn't include you though Karen...i'm only disappointed i didn't get to see you when i was home.

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