Monday, January 10, 2011

Executive relief: lite beer + HID's

I should probably get my head round it given my geographical location. But I really struggle to sit on a trainer indoors when winter clamps down on the southern Ontario roads. However with my New CX bike come new opportunities for adventure.

Its been a stressful week, I got a notice that I had my final chemistry exam on Wednesday this week just 5 days ago. Apparently the letter sent in Dec. last year never arrived. What ever, so I've been knuckling down trying to cram it all in. But I'm not the greatest scholar in the world so I find it somewhat vexing sitting over my books all day.

So tonight after I finished the unit i had to get through I felt a little executive relief was in order, so a quick trip to the Beer store and a few Coors lite later I decided a late night CX ride down by the lake would be an awesome way to get some miles in and burn off that latent angst I've been feeling.

And I was So right!

All the compact snow on the board walk and foot trails made for a great, speedy ride... I guess the beer gave me a little Dutch courage to make the most of things and hairing through the night lit up with my HID light system was truly magical.

It didn't hurt that I burnt off those extra empty calories as well....

Beats freezing your ass off on the road or sweating yer nads off indoors....

Happy days!

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