Sunday, January 9, 2011

Riding through a winter wonderland!

Well with 6" of light fluffy snow riding on the roads can be a little harrowing, luckily for me though a short trip across the road lets me play to my hearts a delight in local park.

Another reason to love my CX bike, although its admittedly in need of a little TLC after a hard seasons racing. But the chance to rip some line across the new powder was too great to resist.

Even if it was a little hairy at time on the descents having no brakes, a combination of ice and pads worn nearly to the metal shoes! Its a time like that you just have to let you and your bike go with the flow and hope you don't inadvertently run over a few small kids tobogganing down the banks at the same time.

Anyway a 40 minute ride burnt about 600cals and went a long way to working of the stress of the last few days revising.

I love snow and i love My CX bike! They both help me regress to a childlike state as I slip and slide over snow banks, round trees and the dog park. Much to the bemusment of the average folk looking on as you try to crawl up a hard pack slope...

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