Tuesday, March 9, 2010

be the machine!

I spent Sunday exhausted, my legs were toast after a hard few weeks of workouts.

My training has changed a lot since i returned from Tucson. much less time on the bike but much harder intensities.

Hill reps working my VO2 max

lots of threshold working my lactate threshold (FTP) and hard tempo rides.

In fact i had to take two days off just to be in a space i could make the most of todays work out.

And i'm glad i did, i went hard today, 2 anaerobic intervals down my the loblaws in town before heading to the bluffs for 8 reps. 6 of them at vo2 max intensity.

Getting faster , all the weight i've dropped is paying off. last year i couldn't climb that hill in much less than 5mins, this year i hitting 4.20 even without killing it.

Just sticking to my 106%-120%ftp, that's around 375w-425w i think.

No mean feat on that climb as the first section makes it hard to stay below that level, and the top levels off meaning you have to step it up again and again to hit the power, just when your mind and body is saying....STOP!!!

anyway although its hard to tell the figures don't lie, i'm way up on last years levels and way down on weight.

ok heres to another hard weeks training.... :0)

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