Wednesday, March 24, 2010

been a long time

Well its been while since i checked in but I've been busy.

avoiding a cold, and ramping up the training.

missed a few days training so as to not get to bad with the ticklish throat i had had. seemed to work.

Then Friday i got straight back on it hammering out 2x 30 min FTP intervals @ 100%

on the back of that i went out Saturday to brave the 2c temps and snow for a 5hr ride with my mate Dave.

took an easy two days recovery then, unperturbed by the freezing rain headed out to do some hill reps in 53x12 gearing, big gears, big watts, wet through and cold after 1hr 30 but it was all good.

today the sun returned so after a morning watching the classic on cycling TV i hit the spit for some more threshold work outs

3x20 at 95-105% of threshold.

The first was some what unbelievable and averaged 408W for 20mins...shit thats was like 114% of my FTP. and breaking 400w for 20mins has been a personal goal of mine for some time.

i was amazed i had reached it so easily.

but i thought something must be up

Either my hemocrit level had inexplicitly raised about 8 points through a simple diet of muesli, protein shakes and a mild cold, or I was experiencing some kind of technical event.

It was then i noticed my power meter wasn't calibrated and was about 35w out...gosh darn it!!!

still 374w for 20 mins was still great, anyway after recalibration it avg a more reasonable 360w for the next couple of intervals.

i guess its time i retested my self, i've a feeling my ftp has raised.

god I hate riding on the trainer though....

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