Wednesday, March 10, 2010

feels like a corrie moments coming!

Well at the risk of invoking the demons of coronation street plot lines.

I have to say i'm feeling pretty good these days!!!

i did 2x20 @100% ftp tonight, i hit 350w for both.

Am i getting fitter or am i riding smarter?

I make sure i keep the carbs coming in during the work outs now, but i'm feeling better and better. Even after a hard previous day of hills and vo2 max intervals.

I kept it at only two reps today, and took a 15min break in between sets.

The idea is to have enough steam for a 2hr tempo ride tomorrow at around 300w, then curl up and die for a day until the weekend.

But you know how these things know, on the telly.

watch this space for news of my demise sometime soon ;0)

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