Tuesday, March 2, 2010

sun salt and hill reps

'I ride my bike 45,000km a year,' he says. 'People ask you to come here and there and I say, "I can't." And they say, "Yeah, I realise you're tired, I realise you just want a bit of peace and quiet." And it's like, no. I. Am. Fucked. I'm totally, utterly exhausted. My body is eating itself because I'm so tired.'

- Pro cyclist Mark Cavendish, interviewed by the Guardian

Well i got three hard days in which i'm happy about.

And unexpected change in my work situation meant that my team mate and work colleague Rob got the chance to head to the bluffs yesterday for some good old fashioned hill work outs.

i normally had them scheduled for after a rest day but the threat of snow drove us to hit them while the sunshone and the snow was melting.

Anyway despite being pretty wiped out from the previous days workouts i managed to do some good intervals.

get in about 1000m of vert. and work that V02 Max a little more.

1 x 1min @ 700w
6 x 5min @ 370w - 408w with 5 min break.

here the details

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