Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to moments with Caballo Gande Pt.1 : AvoIding illness

Well is it that corrie moment i was talking about?

2weeks from the first race and I've been playing hide and seek with the cold bug that seems to be running around.

To be fair normally in past season I've reached this point decidedly sooner, whilst ramping up my intense workouts.

but this year I'm eating better, and am that little bit smarter (maybe).

So rather than go out and hammer it regardless of warning signs, I've sat up, loaded up on cold FX, fresh home made veg and fruit juice and TLC.

Missing a few days workouts to avoid going full bore with illness is better than missing two weeks whilst in recovery.

Hopefully things will pan out and I'll be in shape for the season opener next Friday!

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