Sunday, April 25, 2010

There is nO "I" in team (but there is a "me")

Well its been a busy time, training , team building, school work and job hunting..

but things are looking up all around.

Saturday was the first team training ride of the season. We headed west for a 96km tour de force through the countryside. A steady tempo ride for some a gruelling grind for others (add evil laugh here.....muhahahahahahah }:-)

heres the route:

But with a varied terrain being covered everyone got there chance to shine, and lay the hurt down for the others.

we were lucky enough to have the services of Camilo and his buddy as chief soigneur in a support vehicle. Something thats not always easy to appreciate until you consider what your not experiencing. Like being run off the road by passing cars, or the added weight of all the extra water or food you aren't carrying.

they also took some awesome photos that can be found on the new and developing Team web site.. (thanks to Jeff and Camilo again for that!)

you can find those here:
team chain reaction

next week we are planning a force majeur at the Mid week crit race so watch for updates post tuesday and a team recce of the Niagra classic route on the weekend.

life is good...

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