Friday, January 29, 2010

Eat rich, Ride Hard and stay away from Buddhists

Well i head down south Tuesday for two weeks of intensive training! so as I'm self catering I'm going to be bringing some food with me.

namely my patented "dark matter bars" and my home made granola; recipes below.

Healthy, mildly organic, power-filled nutrition for the endurance athlete within you!

Toasted granola makes 20, 1 cup servings

10 cups rolled oats

2.5 cups
rye flakes
2.5 cups barly flakes
2.5 cups mixed raw unsalted nuts (any you like)

1 cup shredded coconut
0.5 cups honey dissloved in 0.5 cups of hot water
2.5 cups mixed chopped dried fruit (any you like)

pre heat convection oven to 350f
mix it all up (leave out fruit at this point) , pour in the water/honey mix, stir it up breaking up any lumps.

stick in the oven in large baking tray for 40-60 mins, stir it every 10 mins to allow it to brown evenly.

Remove from oven, and toss with dried fruit.

store in air tight container.

Serve with milk, yoghurt, and fresh fruit

Nutritional facts per serving (approx; depends on nuts and fruits used).

cal. 829
fat 22g
protein 26g
carbs 143g
sugars 15g

iron 7mg
fiber 24g
cholesterol 0mg

DArk mATter bArs

oats 900g
bran flakes 200g
brown sugar 745g
raisins 700g
dried cranberries 200g
sweetened coconut flakes 200g
white chocolate chips 225g
organic peanut butter (crunchy) 600g
organic honey 500g
golden syrup 375g
soy protein powder (chocolate) 160g
butter with salt 454g

total calories 22,000cal

per 100g serving 450cal approx

protein 8.1%
fat 34.1%
carbs 57.8%

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