Friday, January 1, 2010


Ouch.. my legs hurt.

Two days ripping it up on the slopes has taken its toll!

I can stand and get up no worries ( the benefit of all that time in the gym) but lifting my legs (to put my shoes on for instance) is another matter all together....

Great way to start the new year anyway, i had forgotten how much i like snowboarding! and we had about 4 inches of fresh snow today as well.

Cross training is fun, beats freezing your ass off on the roads or sweating your nads off on the trainer indoors

Of course though with the snow come the roads hazards of cycling, but i'm going to try to get a easy recovery ride in tomorrow if i can make it. (out of bed).

but with the new year comes new commitment, gotta lose those extra christmas pounds, stop drinking (at least for the next few weeks) and maybe hook up with a sport food nutritionist to address some general issues.

yeay!!! more pain and sacrifice (again), then off to Arizona in 4 weeks time..... swEet!

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