Sunday, January 3, 2010

Realising the terrible toll of the Turkey/Nyquil combo plate....

Well not unsurprisingly perhaps that radical new diet I inflicted upon my self over the festive season has not had quite the desired results....

Today I was brave enough to venture back onto my electronic scales....

Not good news really, but I remain philosophic about it all.

I mean now I know first hand that the Nyquil/turkey/white beer combo is not the way to keep those winter pounds off.

I mean although i supplemented it with 70% coco chocolate, a minor illness and time away from the gym, i still seemed to gain a little extra padding.

But Feck it, I'm a mammal right that's what we're built for!!!! we slow down and stock up on body fat in the winter to get us through the worst of it.

I'll just use it as extra motivation for maintaining my rigorous training routine now the snow and -15c weather has finally arrived. (oh bollox)

More seriously though I just ordered some book on nutrition, so hopefully I'll get some new diet ideas and meal plans. And along with that I've implemented obvious life style changes such as, no alcohol, that alone should cut about 1000 cals a day from my diet.

I also have an appointment at the gym to get my body fat % tested wednesday evening.

And God damn it the crappy weather has finally convinced me to put my bike on the trainer again......barr humbug. Bring forth the indoor sauna cycle.

did you know the human body can generate 1kw of heat energy whilst training hard. Have you ever sat on a 1kw electric heater if so you might understand why (as well as the boredom) I resist riding indoors as much as I can.

Still training camp in a 4wks gotta do something right.

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