Saturday, January 16, 2010

we have a winner!!!!

OK tired of running on empty and with my training load slowly ramping up, i took advantage of the break in the weather to go for a longer ride. But before i plucked up the courage to head out after my last nightmare experience i bought some gatorade and made another batch of dark matter energy bars!

Drawing on past success's and failures and adding the odd whim here and there i mixed up a batch carefully listing and weighing all the ingredients so i could figure out exactly how many calories per gram they contained as well as the macro nutrient breakdown.

The resultant goop has seemingly been subjected to some kind of space/time anomaly, attaining a mass greater than that possible in a 1G environment, perhaps 2-3G's is more like it hence the name "dark matter energy bars"

100g comes in at a carb-tastic, great tasting, mildly organic 450cal!@!!

450cal yeah so feckin what you might say!

But i would retort, firstly "well feck you! i'll keep them all for myself...." ;0)

and then follow up by pointing out how fecking small they are. about 2/3rds the size of a power bar and a lot better tasting.

Anyway i intend to take a lot with me to Tuscon in a few weeks. I also test rode some of them this afternoon and yes they did taste as good as i had hoped.....

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