Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ride till you puke!

Ride till you puke! or collapse and puke, or just collapse wake up in a ditch and then puke.....

Well with above freezing temperatures i made it out for a long ride north of Klienburg yesterday. I have to say i was feeling pretty good so with the tail wind i had a bit of a hammer fest on the way up there.

Which of course (as i have learnt from previous experience) can make the intervals i'm about to do and the return journey somewhat of a challenge.
Anyway taking a slight detour from previous seasons training, I have chosen to do more lactate threshold work, but on the lead up to that (its been several months since i worked that part of my body) i opted for a few "sweetspot" intervals.
For now that means 20minute intervals at around 80-95% of my functional threshold power (the power i can sustain for 60mins) for me at the moment that is roughly between 285-330w.
Hopefully though this will raise as this kind of training progress's. Last year i managed to put out 470w for 5 mins (pretty much my VO2MAX) i'd like to raise that to 500w and drop my body weight down about 10-15lbs which would raise my kg/w ratio considerably.

and so far on well on my way I've dropped 8lbs since new year (my off season highest) and with the extra muscle mass i've gained from my gym work i'm not far off my last season race weight, and my FFM (free fat mass) is definitely a lot better and the real training is yet to begin....

Anyway i'm off to Tucson, Arizona in a little over a week for my two week training camp, so baring illness or injury i'm hoping to be in tip top shape for my first race, April 2nd. There are a fair amount of punchy climbs on that circut so along with the threshold work i'll be adding a fair amount of climbing down at the bluffs on my return.

The season is just around the corner, starting to get twitchy......i'll upload my power files from Saturdays ride in a couple of days.

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