Sunday, February 28, 2010

threshold intervals

This image has nothing to do with my training

However i do sometimes wish i had something like this available to combat asshole drivers.

"sorry sir i was skeet shooting at the time and i didn't see you trying to squeeze me off the road so you could get to sit at the next red light 5 seconds earlier!"

OK so today i hit the spit and did another round of 3x20x10 threshold workouts, making darn sure to refuel in between intervals.

first 20 avg, 351w
second, 347w
last, 335w

Last two intervals i also included a "race-break" interval into things about 4mins from the end of the time i sprinted for 15-20 seconds then held my ftp before giving a final kick again at the end.

This hurts a lot, (a regular theme) especially after going hard for 16mins already but then thats whats it
all about right?

You hammer it hard break away from the group stick it and dive for the line.

anyway it was a great work out after yesterdays anaerobic stuff, tomorrow i might do a long steady tempo ride up north before the snow returns!!!

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