Thursday, April 15, 2010

Recovery..race prep and the aging process

So my cold cleared up more or less at some point over the weekend.

Saturday I headed out with my mate John for a 100km up north for a hilly tempo ride, feeling re markedly better than I had expected.

Then i took Sunday off to watch Spartacus destroy the field in Paris-Roubaix...i mean shit it's like the super bowl but with out all the basket ball players };0)

Monday was the obligatory rest day, even though i felt like riding i wanted to get my routine back.

Tuesday was a fairly epic day out, morning Vo2 max hill reps, where i could tell i had dropped some power from before my illness although i was still holding at 112% FTP for each rep. i just did 20+ mins @ vo2 max and called it quits.

That evening i did the club ride, telling my self i'd just sit in and take it easy..but as usual that never happened and when the group fecked off and left a few of us waiting for a lagger in the wash-rooms i knew the chase was on!

Given we went the long route trying to catch them its unsurprising we never managed to, especially finding out later that they had taken the quick route. Still a pursuit entailed and i rode like a manic for the remainder of the ride.

But by the end of a 144km day i was pretty wasted.

So wednesday I only did two 20mins @ Ftp and called it quits I mean shit i was ill last week and i have a race Sunday.

tonight will be an hour of tempo, then rest and rebuild before the weekend.

Oh and my FTP has gone up by 8w to 364w.

thats means i put in a 382w for 20mins at the Good Friday race! only 18w more to reach that magical 400w mark....

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