Wednesday, April 7, 2010

some what of a crash

Ok so my training was going well, the peak was coming, had a great race Friday.

Then went for Easter diner still tired but not to shabby, let my self go, too much rich food and a beer and a couple of wines (wow really letting myself go - times have changed) and woke up ill.

i guess it was when i was told there was no diet pepsi i thought ok be a bit more conventional.

Not full blown, but definitely the worse for wear. I suppose i had been walking a tight-rope the last few weeks, and that little lapse in focus let it get the better of me.

Still its fine, just sit up and rest up, still over a week till calabogie so i'm not stressing.

if i can get out on my bike by the weekend i'll be fine.

got to not drink..stick to the not drink.

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