Saturday, April 3, 2010

There aren't many sports....

There really aren't many sports where you can say that you came 55th out of 56 placed riders (some were DQ, some NP) and yet claim to have had a great race...

Good Friday for me was a resounding success!

From the get go i was on the front covering breaks and playing the game that is road cycling. Watching for that magic combination of riders that would signal a break that would be allowed to stick by the peloton is not as easy as you might imagine.

Its easy to get boxed in, swept up in the tide and rhythms of the group as it rolls, organically through a plethora of road and weather conditions. Its a constant battle to kept on top of things and in a position to make the right move, with the right riders and at the right time.

Its a thinking game, all the more so when you're a small squad, fighting against larger teams.

So when i got to the point i could no longer bridge gaps without dragging the whole pack up with me i knew i had done my job. I sat up and drifted to the back of the group and out the back. Rolling in 4mins down.

But when i got home to check my power meter Data i saw that i had set a new personal 5sec MAX power level 1400w+ peaking at over 1500w.

And my Normalised power was 337w for the nearly 2hrs of racing.

That's pretty me any-ways ;0)

Now I'm pretty spent, so I'm taking it easy for a day or so before getting stuck into my training for Calabogie on the 18th.

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