Sunday, December 20, 2009

early base training

Well so it comes to pass...the shortest day of the year weighs heavy on the horizon, and with it the dreams of longer rides, harder training and better times.

Of course there is still the small matter of winter to get through, we still have yet to really get a
full on snow storm here in Toronto. But i'll take any motivation i can get these days.

So it begins I've entered my early base training phase, (having completed my pre base and maximum strength transition at the gym) so its meant to be long easy rides of 2-3 hrs and 4- 6 weeks of ripping it up at the gym, before i head to Tuscon Arizona for a two week training camp on and around Mt Lemon, which rises around 10,000ft from the surrounding desert.

Actually i'm pretty amp'd about heading down there and training with a bunch of fellow base heads. I'll have my MS phase finished up by then and will begin my mid base training. by the time i get back the day will be longre and gthe worst of the weather done with (hopefully) and it'll be time to start to ramp it up in time for the good friday classic which marks the beginning of thew season here in ontario....

can't wait.

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