Wednesday, December 16, 2009

mark one: target aquired

Well its been fairly cold and brutal these last few days, but i've been hanging in there with the daily commute to and from work and to school in the evenings so I'm probably getting about 5 hrs or so of riding in a week then I'll do what i can on the weekends.

A couple of hours down by cherry road, or the donut if its not too bad. Sunday was a wash out though, cold is OK, wet is OK but 1c and wet if NO FECKIN FUN AT ALL!!!! not for 4hrs anyways.

A good day to stay indoors and train by sleeping. hmm 12hrs sweet!

Then down to the gym, legs were sore from Saturdays ride but i did the rounds expanding on my core work outs now as well.

Luckily most the pretty people working out at good life have ipods on so they don't hear the odd involuntary passing of gas whilst I'm struggling to do do my pilates.

Of course the real trick is to look confident and tell yourself, they'll just think its the ball squeaking...

Anyway on other news i reached my target weight of 600lbs for the leg press last night, so i guess my Maximum strength phase has started now. I'll do about 6 weeks and should have it completed by the tie i fly out to Arizona for the training camp on the 2nd of Febuary...

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