Saturday, December 19, 2009

lifestyles and sustainability

Well desire is a terrible maiden to have.... I had been contemplating doing some time trials next season so had been on the look out for a new bike , ok well actually a used bike but when the sums came in i figured i might as well take the full advantage of the Pro deals i can get as a sponsored rider and spend the price of a small used car (or 3) on some of the latest technological hype to grace the show rooms ....of course then there are other things to consider like helmet, a new powertap for the rear wheel and maybe a new team issue Skin suit....which might actually go quite nicely with the colour scheme. (more on that to come)

Ah well its only money, which lets face it is an abstract concept anyway...right?

heres the specs..... of what i'm hoping for.

Anyway you can expect lots of ranting about lactate burn and threshold training coming your way within the next few months..and maybe a few comments about bankruptcy and living in bike boxes.....

oh happy days...

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